Learning and formation happen effectively and most rapidly when we are out of our ‘comfort zones.’ During the Resonate experience we will travel a few times together. In the fall we will do a regional service/mission trip within Midwest-ish region of the U.S. We will also go on an international mission trip in the spring each year. 

Regional Mission/Service trip(s) to places like Denver, Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago.

Costs for the regional service/mission trips ARE included within Resonate tuition (except for souvenirs).

International Mission Trip (Locations vary by year). This trip happens in March or April. See below for information on cost.

Costs for the international mission trips are NOT included within Resonate tuition. We ask each student to send out support letters to raise money for this trip. This is an intentional part of our curriculum. The goal is for students to experience what career missionaries experience as they raise funds. If a Resonate student feels called to vocational missions, they will understand the fundraising process. Resonate students not called to vocational missions will understand what missionaries go through to fundraise and to rely on the giving of others for survival. Hopefully our students will be much more willing to support missionaries who ask for their help. Any unraised mission trip balance will be due March 1st. 

Why international missions? Aren’t there people in our ‘backyard’ who need our help first?

Yes there are and it is very important to the heart of God that they are served. The Resonate program requires students to be involved in local ministry (I.e., youth ministry, children’s ministry, etc…). We will also take regional mission trips to serve others ‘in our backyard.’ Traveling internationally gives students the opportunity to see the Kingdom of God through the lens of another culture. International travel puts us way out of our comfort zone and gives us the opportunity to rely on and trust God at a new level. We also get a fuller picture of who God is and how He works in the world when we participate in international ministry. It is not uncommon for international mission trips to be the part of Resonate where students clearly understand the mission God has for their own life.

It should also be noted that we know we can’t be effective at building the Kingdom if we just swoop in and swoop out in a week leaving no lasting relationship. Instead, we partner with ministries/organizations that have long term relationships in the area where we will serve. Our goal is to come along side local ministry already in place. The goals are to use whatever gifts and abilities we have to undergird those ministries. We want to support and help further ministry already happening. Finally, we want to encourage the believers and ministry leaders God has raised up there.