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Future Plans

Welcome to the future plans section of the webpage. Below is the current long term site plan of Covenant Cedars. More information on each part of the project is located below the map.

  1. Main Entry

    The existing connection with the public road is maintained, although the entry is simplified by eliminating the immediate fork in the road, clarifying the direction of travel to the proposed Welcome Center.

  2. Chapel

    The existing chapel is maintained as a worship space and visual icon on the Cedar’s property. The basement remains a storm shelter in addition to the new shelter proposed for the center of camp (See Item 22).

  3. Arrival Circle

    A formal arrival point is created by adding a roundabout between the existing Office and Retreat Center. This provides a clear focal destination and serves as a traffic control device for arriving guests.

  4. Welcome Center & Office

    The existing Office building is maintained and renovated to accommodate a Welcome Center for arriving guests and offices for summer staff.

  5. Administrative Offices

    The lower floor of the Retreat Center is renovated to include offices for year-round staff, increasing usable space and privacy. The guest accommodations
    on the upper floor will be maintained, although renovated to provide private baths. Additional housing will be constructed near the Family Center to replace the lower level rooms displaced by the renovations.

  6. Courtyard

    With the construction of the arrival circle, the area directly adjacent to the camp store and dining hall can be transformed into a plaza and courtyard. This area will allow additional arrival/check-in space for groups and provide an outdoor gathering amenity for the adjacent adult housing. This plaza can be made accessible to delivery vehicles by the removal of a traffic control bollard along the road edge.

  7. Adult Guest Lodge

    Adult facilities are expanded and improved with the construction of two lodges between the Dining Hall and Critter Cove. Each two story facility will contain approximately eleven 2-3 person rooms with private bath, oriented around a central common space. Construction will likely take place in two phases, with the second lodge being built in the location of the existing Family Center at the end of the existing facility’s effective lifespan.

  8. Road Relocation & Guest Parking

    After leaving the arrival circle, the road is routed to the rear of the proposed lodges, offering access to 33 parking spaces for use by both the Adult Lodges and Critter Cove. This location places vehicles away from public view, minimizing unwanted visual infractions. By placing traffic control bollards just past the southernmost entrance to the lot an opportunity for vehicle containment is provided as vehicles can be kept from traveling deeper into the site when bollards are in place.

  9. Staff Bunkhouse

    With the existing summer staff housing being phased out, new housing is provided along the eastern edge of camp. The bunkhouse is located to offer convenient access to the heart of camp while offering a private parking area that allows staff to enter and leave the property without disrupting guests. During the nonsummer season, the facility could be made available for guest rentals.

  10. Critter Cove

    The existing cabins are maintained, and an approximately 75 person meeting facility is added to provide groups with a designated gathering space. A portion of the existing RV/Camper slips remain, however some are relocated to the SW corner of the property to allow for roadway modifications. (See Item 19)

  11. Pond

    The existing pond is maintained as a recreation and visual amenity for Critter Cove.

  12. Recreation Field

    The existing recreation field will be maintained for use in a variety of sports and include a small diamond and backstop for kickball and softball.

  13. Road Relocation & Guest Parking

    Traversing the perimeter of the playing field, this area offers 30 road side spaces at the rear of Cedar Lodge for guests of that facility and the adjacent Duplex Cabins.

  14. Duplex Cabins

    These cabins replace existing facilities as they reach the end of their effective lifespan. Each cabin will house 20 people divided between two bunk rooms, each with it’s own bathrooms. The buildings are designed to be convertible for either youth or adults and will provide flexibility for smaller group sizes.

  15. Cedar Lodge

    This existing facility will be maintained and continue to accommodate approximately 70 guests.

  16. Road Relocation & Guest Parking

    After passing behind Cedar Lodge, the road travels north of the existing maintenance building, buffering the facility from guest areas. Centrally located is a 50 space lot servicing the three new lodges located along the waterfront. Controlled vehicle access to the interior circulation network is offered via removable traffic control bollards on the northern edge of the lot.

  17. Maintenance Facility

    The existing facility is kept in it’s current location, however vehicle access is relocated to allow vegetative screening to and from the nearby guest accommodations. Placing the primary guest road to the north of the area allows the facility to remain as a ‘back door’ function of camp.

  18. Recreation Field 2

    With the acquisition of additional land to the SW, an opportunity for a large playing field is created. Shown on the plan is a 50 yard by 70 yard soccer field.

  19. RV/Camper Area

    Due to the location of the new roadway, numerous existing RV sites near Critter Cove need relocation. This area of newly acquired property offers opportunities for spacious, private sites with a relationship to the proposed Guest Lodges along the waterfront.

  20. Unloading Area

    The outer roadway continues to the far west end of the meadow to allow luggage drop-off and vehicle turn around in close proximity to the proposed waterfront lodges.

  21. Guest Lodges

    These three units, modeled after Cedar Lodge, will offer expansion opportunities of up to 210 beds. Regulatory permission has been granted to divert and fill the existing creek, allowing these structures prime waterfront locations. Porches will be constructed on the rear of each building to provide outdoor gathering spaces with scenic lake views.

  22. Storm Shelter

    With additional guest capacity, improved emergency shelter is needed. Centrally located to allow for easy access, this reinforced concrete facility will be built above ground (with earthen mounds on three sides) due to the high water table. When not used during storms, this space could be made available for meeting and/or recreation uses. The facility could also include rest rooms serving the adjacent recreation field.

  23. Pedestrian Bridge

    With the reshaping of the lake shore, an opportunity is created for a second, centrally located bridge to offer access to recreation trails along the lake’s perimeter.

  24. Tower & Zipline

    These existing recreation elements are maintained in their current location and will be nicely augmented by the new ropes course in the northeast section
    of the property. (See Item 37)

  25. Pedestrian & Service Vehicle Circulation

    With guest traffic contained on the perimeter road, an interior circulation system is reclaimed for pedestrians, increasing both safety and aesthetics. The network supports service and emergency vehicle access when necessary through removable control devices and limited guest traffic can be allowed to provide drop-off at the proposed meeting facility.

  26. Lake Expansion

    Regulatory permission has been received to reshape and expand the lake, enhancing the primary natural amenity on the property and creating waterfront
    relationships for Wausa Cabin and the proposed Meeting Room. An island is created to produce a unique water recreation opportunity. (See Item 31)

  27. Meeting Facility

    Fulfilling the need for a dedicated large group meeting space, this facility will serve as the primary indoor gathering space on the property and accommodate up to 450 people. It offers a central location in the heart of camp with excellent lake views.

  28. Wausa Cabin

    This existing facility is maintained in its current location and benefits greatly from the lake expansion and an enhanced connection to the waterfront.

  29. Dining Hall

    The Dining Hall is maintained in it’s existing location with courtyard/plaza areas added to the south and eastern sides to enhance the outdoor spaces adjacent to the primary entries. Delivery routes remain the same as the plazas can be accessed by service vehicles when necessary.

  30. Recreation Center

    This facility offers much needed covered recreation space for inclement weather. Centrally located near the pool, waterfront, ropes course, and sport courts, this building (complete with new snack shop and seating area) is the hub of recreation activity. It also serves a secondary meeting space for large group gatherings.

  31. Waterfront

    With modification of the shoreline, the waterfront is altered and enhanced to offer even more excitement. The expansion of a new cove allows for a small island, creating a ‘destination’ recreation area which could offer a thematic adventure experience such as a pirate ship with slides and jumping planks.

  32. Expanded Pool

    Further expanding water recreation opportunities, the existing pool is modified to incorporate a zero-entry splash zone with a variety of water play features. This area allows users (including non-swimmers and disabled guests) a safe and friendly alternative to lake recreation.

  33. Activity & Game Rooms

    These facilities are maintained to augment activities near the recreation hub of camp.

  34. Guest Parking

    This 25 space parking area is located to serve the recreation center and amphitheater. Traffic control bollards along the western edge provide traffic containment, or when removed, allow emergency access directly to the waterfront.

  35. Staff Housing

    The existing staff houses are maintained, continuing to provide easy access on and off the property and maintaining visual control of the main entry.

  36. Covered Bridge

    The existing bridge remains to provide access to the amphitheater as well as the recreation trails and relocated ropes course on the north side of the lake.

  37. Challenge Course

    To allow for the road relocation and staff bunkhouse, the rope course is relocated to the northeast portion of the property. This site contains high and low elements, offering a truly unique experience by spanning the water with aerial challenge elements.

  38. Amphitheater

    The existing amphitheater is maintained, offering great views down the length of the lake. The experience is enhanced with additional vegetative screening at the rear of the seating area, strengthening the sense of encloser and buffering the adjacent roadway to the north.