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Personal Information
Are you authorized to work in the U.S.?
If no, What certification do you have to work in the U.S.?
Personal History
Are there any consideration to your physical ability we need to be aware of?
Do you have any prior experience related to abuse, neglect, or abandonment?
Do you have any training working with children who have been abused, neglected, and or abandoned?
Have you ever been denied the opportunity to work with children in any capacity?
If Yes, please explain below.
Have you ever been arrested for or charged with any criminal offense including but not limited to sexual crimes, violent crimes, or a drug and alcohol related crimes?
If Yes, please explain below.
Which of the following have you obtained?
If you have not completed your education yet simply put today's date as your completion date
This could include, First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard, AED, Pediatric CPR/First Aid or any other certification you may think would be helpful in a camp setting
Employment Record
List most recent employment first. Please include employer, position, dates of employment, employers phone number, and basic responsibilities
Christian Experience
This could include, but is not limited to; church youth leader, coach, student teacher, previous camp employment, dorm resident assistant, Scouts, Awana, etc.
Please include name of organization, position you served, dates of service, age of group served, supervisor, supervisor phone # and your basic responsibilities
Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior?

Please answer the following questions as honestly and concisely as possible.

References and Preferences

In addition to your pastor, pick one additional reference either an employer, teacher, or Christian leader.

Reference #2
Position Preferences

For a full description of staff postions, please click the following link.

First Preference
Second Preferance
Third Preference
Please tells us the date you would be able to start and that date that you need to end work.
The summer will begin on May 21, 2022, and the summer concludes on August 6, 2022. Days off can be requested, but employment is typically a 12-week duration.
Additional Information
Please Select your T-Shirt size
Summer Staff t-shirts tend to shrink. Sizes listed are adult sizes.
Commitment of Honesty
By clicking yes, I hereby signify the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I also agree to participate in any and all training provided by Covenant Cedars.