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This is the process for hiring of Summer Staff at Covenant Cedars Bible Camp.

The Summer Staff at Covenant Cedars Bible Camp are generally the age of 17 and older.  They live at camp from the time of Staff Training at the end of May through the first week in August. All Summer Staff positions are paid and staff members receive free room and board. If you are interested in applying for a Summer Staff position at camp, then please follow the steps below.


Step 1: Fill Out and Submit Application by January 1st, 2021


Returning Summer Staff Application – If you have served at Covenant Cedars the previous summer then you will need to fill out this application. It is a little more condensed with fewer reference requests.

New Summer Staff Application – If you did not serve the previous summer at Covenant Cedars then you will need to fill out this application.

Background Waiver Consent Form – In order to complete Step 1 of the process, this form will need to be downloaded from the Summer Staff Employment page, signed by the applicant and mailed to Covenant Cedars post office box.

Note: For essay dialog boxes it may be the best practice to write your answers in a Word or Pages document. Copy and Paste your answers from the Word or Pages document into the dialog box. This is recommended because of website timeout issues.

Step 2: Answer Email Interview Questions

Applicants will receive an email containing a Word file with interview questions. The applicant is expected to respond to the email within one week of the original email date. Applicant must leave the interview questions above each of his/her answers in the interview.

Step 3: Applicant is notified of Summer Staff position

It is important to understand that NOT ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE HIRED. However, all applicants will be notified of their status. At this point, applicants will be notified if Covenant Cedars Bible Camp would like to move towards signing a contract for summer employment. Notification of a summer staff position will be accomplished through email.

Step 4: Applicant Contract Packet

The Applicant will receive a packet in the mail that will include:

  • Summer Staff Employment Agreement
  • Summer Staff Handbook with Policy and Operating Procedures form
  • Information about extra opportunities for raising support
  • Summer Staff Survival Kit that contains information on what to bring and expect during the summer

Step 5: Applicant Returns Forms

Applicant must fill out and sign the documents that will be listed in the cover letter of the Applicant Contract Packet. The Applicant will be notified through email once the proper documents are received by Covenant Cedars.

Step 6: Applicant is hired as Summer Staff

Once CCBC receives and reviews the applicant’s contract documents, the applicant will be notified of their confirmed position as Summer Staff.

To fill out application online please click on one of the links below.

If you would like to mail us your application please download the following items.