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The summer staff at Covenant Cedars Bible Camp MUST be a minimum of 15-years-old. They live at camp from the time of staff training at the end of May through the first week in August. All summer staff positions are paid and receive room and board. If you are interested in applying for a summer staff position at camp, then please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Apply

If you are a new summer staff applicant, please fill out "New Summer Staff Application." If you are a returning summer staff member, please fill out "Returning Summer Staff Application." Deadline to apply is January 1, 2022.

**For essay questions, it's best to write your answers in a Word document because of website timeout issues.**

Step 2: Interview

Once applications have been received, applicants will be texted/called to confirm submission. The director of ministries will schedule an interview with applicant.

Step 3: Hiring

It is important to understand that NOT ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE HIRED. However, all applicants will be notified of their status. At this point, applicants will be notified if Covenant Cedars Bible Camp would like to move towards signing a contract for summer employment.

Step 4: Paperwork

Once hired, the applicant will receive a packet in the mail that will include:

  • Summer Staff Employment Agreement
  • Summer Staff Handbook
  • Payroll Information

Please fill and out and return all documents to Covenant Cedars by March 1, 2022.

Step 5: Training

Staff training begins on Saturday, May 21nd. If hired, please plan to attend most (or all) of this training week.


To fill out application online please click on one of the links below.



If you would like to complete the application and mail, fax, or take a picture and email it to me. 
(contact information at the bottom of the application)