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Many things have changed in the camping ministry from methodology to food menus.  Yes, the way in which things are done today are quite different than they were in 1949 when Cedars was established.

However, the need for Professional Nurses to provide loving care for campers during their stay at camp is still a quintessential part of a successful week of camp. Campers today come with more medication as well as mental and physical needs than ever before, which makes having the proper, professional care available an absolute necessity for a week of camp to be held. We need four nurses on every registration Sunday to handle the volume of people that come through our facilities on that day. At the end of registration, we only need two nurses to fulfill our needs for the rest of the week.

Would you consider giving of a week of your time/vacation to fill this need so that many may hear of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done?  If you are not licensed to assist in this area would you pray that God would prod those who are to serve Him in this way? If you are interested in serving as a camp nurse this summer would you please look at the information below.


Pathfinder 1st-2nd June 18-19
Tailblazer 3rd-4th June 26-29
Explorer 5th-6th June 19-24
Jr. High 7th-8th July 10-15
Sr. High 9th-12th July 3-8
Last Chance 3rd-12th July 31- August 2
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Certification(s) Held
Camps Available
JR. High
SR. High
Last Chance