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Get Involved

Once again, thank you for allowing this ministry to include you in the work. Covenant Cedars rich history and tradition has been built on the Christ-like spirit of so many volunteers. CONTINUE that history and tradition today by registering your group!

Be a catalyst for your group! This means that we a looking for you to be leaders in your church or organization. Once you have a group together then please fill out the form below and send it to camp.

After sending in the registration here is the process:

You will be contacted within the week for availability on the weekend selected and to share general details about the weekend.

Three weeks before volunteer group arrives, camp will contact the group leader to organize details for the weekend. (i.e. discussion of work projects, sleeping arrangements, meals, special dietary needs, volunteer group final attendance number)

One week before volunteer group arrives camp contacts the group leader to communicate the finalized schedule which will include the time of arrival and departure, meal times, finalized work projects, finalized sleeping arrangements.

Group Leader Contact Information
(Child care is available pending interest)
Desired Date
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