COMMUNITY LIVING is an intentional part of the Resonate experience. It is all about having fun, serving together, and supporting one another.


Sharing life together means we get to know each other very well. We will interact with each other when we are at our best and worst selves. In that context, we share the journey of life which helps us develop our character. Traits like love, selflessness, respect, and compassion are examples of character attributes that living in community help develop in you.

At Resonate we share life together in classroom learning, serving together, sharing responsibilities for chores (cooking, cleaning, etc.), trips, and of course, having fun together. Resonate also provides unique community relationships. Each student will get to experience one-on-one mentoring with a camp staff member and peer accountability groups.

Each week, participants will attend a local church and we will also visit churches where we will promote Resonate. Throughout the year we will experience other worship traditions allowing you to participate in a wide variety of worship settings.