Is this program for me?

This program would be a great fit for you if you:

-Are a high school graduate (by the time you start Resonate) who is between the ages of 18-26 years old

-Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

-Are ready and committed to growing deeper in your faith and relationship with God

-Are ready and willing to fully participate in the activities, programs, and relationships which are a part of Resonate

What will Resonate participants do during weekends and holidays?

Weekends activities and responsibilities will vary throughout the term. Participants will serve guest groups, which are often at camp over weekends. Resonate may take trips over a weekend. We may be on the road to promote Resonate in churches on Sunday mornings. Sometimes, weekends will be free time. In general, Resonate participants will have one full day off a week as well a day of Sabbath rest.

We will have holiday breaks during Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as a Spring Break (the dates for which will be dependent upon Easter and the International Mission Trip in a given year).

Can I leave at times other than holiday breaks?

To get the most out of the Resonate Discipleship Experience, we ask that you are present the duration of the program. Special time off requests will be considered and approved where fitting. In the event a major situation arises, we will certainly do our best to accommodate those circumstances. 

What are the Rules for Technology at Resonate?

At Resonate, we value and prioritize community and relationship. For that reason, we ask participants of Resonate to significantly limit their use of digital technology, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. We realize that we live in a digital and connected world so we do not ban these items. However, we do consider their use a privilege. If use of technology is abused, or gets in the way of the healthy community environment, privileges may be lost. This is at the discretion of the director. Use of technology (including cell phones) can benefit our lives in many ways. Like anything else, too much technology is a bad thing. Part of following Jesus is learning what boundaries you need to have in place to follow effectively. The hope is that this policy helps you determine those boundaries. 

Is there cell phone service in the area?

Very limited. Do not count on consistency.

Is Wi-Fi available?

Yes Wi-Fi internet access is available and participants will have access during certain times. Wi-Fi internet will also be used during our class sessions and for homework assignments. However, Wi-Fi will be restricted at certain times throughout the week.

Do I need health insurance?

Resonate and Covenant Cedars do not provide health insurance. We do, however, highly encourage participants to have health insurance. 

Does Resonate provide job opportunities for participants?

Not in the classic sense. Participants are required to serve at camp when guest groups are present. Their service helps offset the cost of their room and board, keeping the tuition costs significantly lower it would usually cost. Additionally, there is the occasional option to be hired by Covenant Cedars for special projects on participants' day off.

Are participants allowed to work off-site during their time at Resonate?

Yes, though availability will be limited. Due to the fluid nature of Resonates’ programming, keeping a regular job is not feasible, but participants are permitted to work on their day off (provided the job does not interfere with Resonate's program and purpose).

What furniture is provided in the dorms and what should I bring?

Once accepted into the program you will receive a packing list with required and suggested items to bring. Participants are each provided a bed, desk, and small wardrobe. Other furniture is provided in common living areas.