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The Program:

The 1-2-3 program is a fantastic way to help students reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ simply by inviting friends to come and enjoy a week of summer camp with them.

The camper’s invited friend must attend the same camp that he/she does to qualify for the 1-2-3- program.

This offer does not apply to Pathfinders or first year Traiblazers who would have already been coming to camp. The purpose of this program is to engage those who would not have normally come. Siblings are also excluded from this program.

How it works:

    STEP 1: Bring ONE friend who has never come to Covenant Cedars before and receive $50 off your camp fees.

    STEP 2: Bring TWO friends and receive another $50 off your camp fees, for a total of $100 OFF.

    STEP 3: Bring THREE friends with you to camp and you come to camp for FREE!

Now what?

Invite your friends to come to camp with you! It will be an incredible experience to share with friends. Now, get registered and be sure to list the friends you are bringing with you to camp in the designated area!