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M I N I S T R Y   S T A F F

Our ministry staff program is designed to equip young adults with a deep understanding of Christ through four pillars: work experience, biblical community, spiritual formation, and servant leadership. These pillars keep our ministry program focused as we seek to be intentional about how we refine future leaders. Ministry staff will be responsible for behind-the-scenes work, upfront leadership opportunities, interactions with campers and guests, mentoring relationships, and working alongside our staff with a shared purpose and vision.


Covenant Cedars Bible Camp offers a year-long program that provides a flexible experience blending opportunities for leadership and professional development with the needs of day-to-day camp operations. Ministry staff participate as operations staff for approximately 20 hours a week, and then spend another 20 hours working in the departments specializing in a particular area of interest. These areas may include:

        •   Programming

        •   Outdoor ministries

        •   Office administration

        •   Marketing, development, and communications

        •   Food service

        •   Operations and maintenance

R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S   &   E X P E R I E N C E

        •   Daily staff meetings

        •   Weekly ministry staff meetings/evaluations

        •   Leadership book studies

        •   Covenant/Midwest Conference gatherings

        •   Family groups

        •   Church membership and/or attendance

        •   Ability to perform physical tasks i.e. tower/cleaning/kitchen

For questions about the program, please contact our executive director, RJ Bacani, by phone at 402.757.3241 or email at