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F O O D   S E R V I C E   D I R E C T O R

Our team is committed to serving Christ and loving our guests. Our primary goal is to provide an environment where we can eliminate the distractions and rhythms of life and allow God to meet people right where they are - no matter what.


The purpose of this position is to prepare quality meals in a clean, welcoming environment. This person is responsible for creating weekly menus, ordering supplies, accommodating dietary needs, and cleaning/organizing the kitchen and dining halls. This person will manage with the facilities crew on a day-to-day basis during the summer. This person will work with the guest services director to receive group schedules and dietary needs. This person also communicates with program director for program schedule, dietary needs, and any requested meals. This position is under the direction of the associate director and ultimately reports to the executive director for all matters.

R O L E S   &   R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

        •   Plan and prepare quality meals for guests and campers

        •   Serve meals in a timely, efficient manner

        •   Create and maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and dining halls

        •   Adhere to proper health and food safety guidelines

        •   Train facilities crew members in the kitchen

        •   Schedule summer facilities crew members with the help of housekeeping director

        •   Order cleaning supplies with housekeeping director

        •   Order canteen supplies with guest service director when necessary

        •   Communicate ministry needs with the rest of year-round staff

        •   Attend weekly staff meetings during the retreat season (daily meetings during the summer)

        •   Attend weekly individual check-in meetings with executive director

        •   Be available to assist other departments or positions as needed


        •   Annual salary

        •   Housing & utilities (internet included)

        •   Meals during summer; weekend meals during retreat season

        •   CCCA & ACCCC conference gatherings

For questions about employment, please contact our executive director, RJ Bacani, by phone at 402.757.3241 or via email at