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F O O D   S E R V I C E   D I R E C T O R

The purpose of the food service director is to prepare meals for our guests throughout the year. This includes creating menus, routine cleaning of the kitchen and dining halls, keeping inventory of the pantry and coolers, putting in food orders, communicating with guests that have dietary needs, and managing the kitchen crew in the summer. This person must be cleanly and organized; it is important that he or she understands health guidelines and food safety. This person should also be comfortable with preparing meals for large groups and can be responsible for serving meals on time. The food service director will report directly to the executive director.

R O L E S  &   R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

        •   Plan and prepare menus every week

        •   Follow proper receiving, storage, and preparation techniques of food items

        •   Maintain cleanliness and safety in the kitchen and dining hall

        •   Schedule and maintain facilities crew during the summer

        •   Understand and implement safety procedures as required by our health department

        •   Operate within the budget as set by the executive director

S K I L L S   &   Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S

        •   Clear understanding of the mission and ministry purpose of Covenant Cedars Bible Camp

        •   Uphold our staff policies for conduct and professionalism

        •   Ability to pass local and federal criminal background check

        •   Excels in culinary arts and/or has a culinary background

        •   Demonstrates cleanliness and organization

        •   Understands food safety and health guidelines

        •   Performs well under pressure and can serve meals in a timely manner

        •   Ability to manage and schedule kitchen crew

For any questions about employment, please contact our executive director, RJ Bacani, by phone at 402.757.3241 or email at