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We are able to provide breakfast, lunch, and supper meals for your group. Breakfast costs $6.50, lunch $8.00, and supper costs $9.00.

We do not provide meals for groups that are less than 20 people, unless
they are an overnight group. The Campfire Lunch is available for groups smaller than 20 people.

Meal Options

All meal menus are customization. If you have a specific meal menu in mind we would love to accommodate you. If your group has no menu preferences we are more than happy to put together a menu for you.

Pancakes & Sausage | Eggs, Bacon and Toast | Taco Bar | Hamburgers & Hot Dogs | Spaghetti | Dutch Oven Dinner | and many more!

Many other meals served. Call for specific menus and ideas.

Campfire Lunch (NEW)

An inexpensive outdoor hotdog roast that students will enjoy! Cost is $4.00 per person and includes a hotdog, chips, and a drink. Add $0.50 per person for s'mores to be added for dessert.

Dutch Oven Dinners

Having a Dutch Oven Dinner provides a unique opportunity for your group to experience outdoor cooking, eating, and preparation. When you incorporate a Dutch Oven Dinner in your schedule your group will get to fully participate in the preparation of the meal which allows for a really neat learning experience.

Dutch oven meal options are very wide but a few of our favorites are Chicken Pot Pie, Peach Cobbler, Lasagna, and Mississippi Mud Cake!

Dutch oven meals follow standard meal pricing and are a lot of fun for the whole group!

Lodging Information

Lodging is available for overnight groups. Buildings are equipped with air conditioning and heating units, as well as restrooms. The cost is $20.00 per student. For every ten students, one sponsor's overnight cost is free. Bedding is NOT provided.

If you would like further details on each cabin or other facilities at Covenant Cedars please click the link below and scroll down to find desired building information.